Kuhn & Wittenborn

We help
who make
life better.

Clients use our marketing expertise, 
insight and creativity to make 
their customers healthier, happier  
and more successful. 
Let's talk about you.


Our work turns insight into action. It answers a need, solves a problem and causes people to act. When they do, life gets better.


For clients in the better-quality-of-life business, we develop and maximize integrated marketing opportunities that improve their customers' lives.


Pay attention! That’s our mantra. So as we encounter life and its content, we like to pass some of it on. Connect, reply, forward, follow or share at will.


No two are alike. 
From just-out-of-school to 40-years-and-counting, wide-eyed awareness and enthusiasm meets sage understanding and know-how every day.


As snail mail and social expression evolved into e-mail and social media, Kuhn & Wittenborn’s instinct for relationship building never wavered.